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About us:

We have been arranging Husky safaries since the year 2000. We’re located near Ylläsjärvi in the Finnish Lapland, 10 kilometers from Ylläsjärvi towards Kittilä.

We have varying kinds of safari packages, so You can pick a duration and length for the experience that works best for you. Most of the trips are into the Pallas-Ylläs national park and its vicinity. On the longest safaris our Siberian huskies will take you on a wondrous journey into the beautiful landscapes of the national park.

Our aim is to make the safaris as environmentally-friendly as possible, wholly fulfilling the environmental regulations of the national park. We won’t be using a snowmobile as our guides will also accompany You with their own husky sleds. Have a look into our programs, there’s something available for everyone.


Good to know before a safari

  • Before we start the safari, we will teach you to drive a sledge and explain precisely how to behave on your sledge during safari. Driving a sledge is not hard, everyone is able to do it.

  • Prepare yourself with warm equipment suitable for outdoor activities. Our staff will gladly help if you have any questions regarding clothing for the safaris.

  • If you have medical restrictions or you are pregnant, please inform our guides before a safari starts.
  • You are allowed to take photos of the dogs, but please leave the photographing until after the safari. After the trip is done, the dogs will have calmed down and you can make contact with them by scratching and playing with them.
  • Notice! Remember to inform us of any health-related limitations you or your group might have when reserving a safari.


The prices do not include transportation. Rami’s Huskies reserves the right to make changes to the safaris based on difficult weather conditions during the safaris.

Rami Express


5 km

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1½ h

We’ll travel with sleds pulled by huskies for 5 kilometers, after which we’ll roast sausages/eat other snacks and brew coffee at a Laplander’s hut.

Prices: Adult 75€, child 60€

Ten Kilometer Rally


10 km

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2 h

A sled journey of 10 kilometers, after which we’ll roast sausages/eat other snacks and brew coffee on a Laplander’s hut.

Prices: Adult 115€, child 86€

National Park Safari


16 km

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2½ - 3 h

We’ll journey for about 16 kilometers across the snowy landscape into the beautiful national park of Pallas-Ylläs. After reaching the destination we’ll take a break, set up a fire to roast sausages/eat other snacks and enjoy a well deserved cup of hot beverage after starting the return trip.

Prices: Adult 145€, child 109€

National Park Safari 2


23 km

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3½ - 4 h

This is the odyssey for the true winter adventurer! As in the shorter national park trip, this time we’ll journey for a total of 23 kilometers across the snowy landscape in the beautiful national park of Pallas-Ylläs. At the mid-point of the travel we’ll stop for a campfire to eat a small lunch (sausages, bread and hot beverages) and share some stories around the fire.

Prices: Adult 190€, child 143€


Some heart-warming feedback via TripAdvisor and Facebook from our beloved guests:

“Thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Rami’s Huskies. From first contact via Facebook/email to the end of the experience. Sari was extremely helpful with booking and giving clear instructions with maps/directions and answering any questions that we had.
I would recommend booking early as it gets booked up quick, and we only had a few times to choose from.
We managed to do the 5km safari, which was about 1-1.5 hours long in total- plenty long enough for the kids and my toes before getting frozen.
The kids went in a sledge with the main tour guide driving, whilst my husband and i had a sledge. One driving, one enjoying the ride. We were able to swap over half way so we both got a turn driving. At the end of the run and After lots of cuddles with the dogs who are all friendly I managed to drag my daughter away into a lovely little hut with fire place to warm up with grilled sausages and hot drinks, the staff were more then happy to answer any questions we had about the dogs/trip.

Such a fun experience! Would highly recommend 🙂 ”

Date: February 2019


What a afternoon out. Can’t recommended this place highly enough. The location was beautiful, the dogs friendly, my 10 year daughter played with them for ages whilst waiting to take the sleds out. The staff were outstanding and informative. I’d brought what I thought were a good pair of boots, they thought otherwise and provided me (FOC) a much better pair. The sledding was incredible. We left at dusk (around 3pm!) so the light was magical. I was surprised but so pleased that you actually get to ‘drive’ your own sleds. A totally exhilarating and breathtaking experience.”

Date: December 2018

“We have brought our non-Finnish customers to Rami’s Huskies safaris and our customers and the staff really likes the safaris what they run. The venue is absolutely beautiful and their staff is so professional on what they are doing. I think everyone should ask Rami to tell one cheeky joke after the safari!”


“Very beautiful place and nature, very special atmosphere in the dark of the evening, helpful and friendly staff, well-maintained and -behaving dogs. We were 2 adults and a 4-year-old kid, all of us enjoyed by 200%. We got service in Finnish, Swedish and English. I’d like to come here again, for an all-day safari.”

Contact Us

Rami Kulppi
Ylläs – Lainio
040-537 0593
050-464 9166

Please note that without reservation you can not visit the dogs or the venue.

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